Anorak Jacket: trend and style with care

Anorak Jacket: trend and style with care -
trend and style with care. New dravus sprawl charcoal anorak jacket

An Anorak jacket is a type of hooded jacket or coat,due to its coat-like length.The hood which is attached to the jacket helps to protect the face and the head from cold,snow and rain.Some people also call it parka but they are somewhat made and tailoredout of different garments.

Such type of jackets are basically waterproof,owning to the material out of which they are made of,and they also consists of straings present at the cuffs and the waistline which helps inin proper fitting to the person who actually wears it.It is waterproof because it is made basically from synthetic material.

Both men and women can wear such kind of jackets but the wearer of these jackets should keep in mind that these jackets are not those body-hugging kind.They would rather stay loosely on your body and if worn with the attached Hood,may give you that geek kind of look.

This maybe becausebecause in British slang, anorak has come to mean geek or nerd.In earlier times, such a jacket was as an item of clothing popularly worn by trainspotters.Here,trainspotting means the activity of watching trains and writing down the numbersthat each railway engine has.

In the market and in the online e-commerce stores,there are various kinds of Anorak jackets available.These jackets are available in various designes,colour,styles and sizes.One should be careful while buying because it should suit their own personality and body structure.An over-sized jacket may make you look dull,fat,and very unsmart.So choose and buy wisely and enhance your own style stament.

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