Hair Style of 1950’S Had an Impact on Common People

The Italian Cut: Italian screen sirens Gina Lollobrigida
The Italian Cut: Italian screen sirens Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren had the short and shaggy, yet sculptured hairstyle, featuring all over waves,

In general hair style can change a total outlook of a person. If it is film stars like cut then the person feels something different from his friends in style. It is happened in s hairstyles also. In those days magazines or movies or even advertisementsplayed a great role to influence people. Film stars like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and many others who were the icon of fashions in dresses, hair style etc.

Passion for new hair style

Italian s hairstyle was the mark for the then young generations and they tried to follow these styles ardently. All around the world Italian fashions lifestyle and the attitude had been followed particularly in s. It is very common that people always try to follow the famous persons from film line or television persons. They follow the style even from the characters of television stars. Actually in this time people spent maximum time in watching television.television. People had developed to follow their styles. They became conscious about the world and felt the attraction of the stars that influenced on their daily life.

The role of hair dresser

In s the word hair dresser had come to the fore front. Guilaroff had brought the style in the films. He was just like Grace Kelly of s who had selected him to style her hair. This trend was not limited with film stars. People were influenced by the popular music icons also. The teenagers of the then time were crazy to follow the rock and roll trend in s hairstyles. Today also when you talk about the rock and roll music of s the teenager s hair style comes to the mind. It is not with music style, rather the teenagers were influenced by the attitudes, hair, fashion, and by the lifestyles. The older generations did not like the attitude of the younger generations who were the ardent followers of this rock and roll styles. This had happened because the teenagers had less pressure in their life as a result they spent more time leisurely and more over they had extra money to spend it in this. That is why it is said that the teenagers of s were recognized as demographic of s.

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