Look gorgeous on this wedding season by adopting hairstyles for wedding guests

amazing half up half down classic wedding hairstyles

Looking gorgeous at weddings is always a bit of a conundrum. Every person tends to look their best. Just like you don t like to clad same dresses to every wedding, why to wear same hairstyles It is fun to switch upyour tresses, if you are hitting a guest appearance at any wedding ceremony.

Being as a guest, your dressing style and hairdos should definitely go with the theme of the wedding. Presenting some stylish wedding hairstyleshairstyles for guests to make your presence visible on the spot:

Sleek back ponytail:

This ultra straight hairdo is very chic for dark black tresses. Try loose, low straight ponytail this wedding season.

Tousled braids:

Mixed up braids on one side is perfect for a country dash. This gives you a messy yet hot look.

High wavy ponytail:

Long wavy locks when turned into a high ponytail, set the world back of you. Bring out the few face framing strands to style up your look.

Twisted low bun:

Bun always stands for a wedding night. This twisted low bun provides you a neat look.

Top to bottom twist and pin:

This is a perfect solution of curly hairs. From top to bottom carry out a straight row of twisted classy French rolls. This especially suits on long tresses.

Sleek long, deep waves:

Deeply curls your tresses by using curling tools, then brush them out in a downward motion. Place clips on waves and come with deep, long waves.

Twisted braided hairstyles:

This is a great wedding hairstyle for guests. Make braids of your tresses and tuck one by one in each other. It gives you a trendy and classy look to attend any marriage.


Jewels are always there to show off in any weeding. Well, this style is a perfect way to execute your designer and fancy earrings. Pull off your tresses and make a stylish and tight knot on the crown.

Long bangs pinned behind the ear:

Create a deep side part and give the effect of long bangs by pin it behind the ears. Easy to adopt this hairdo can carry some hair accessories.

Loose imbalanced layers:

Pretty and romantic, these loose layers would be perfect with a dressing gown. Deep front parted wave touches your smooth and creamy shoulder, makes you feel feather like touch.

A French twist:

A modern look is now here to achieve. Pull your whole tresses and twist it back side in French style. This imperfect scalp is gorgeous enough to cast a spell on your mat.

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