Mens flannel shirt: a fashion trend booster

Mens flannel shirt: a fashion trend booster -
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May it be casual or formal look, a handsome man can never ignore shirts for his wardrobe. Basically, a shirt has power to give a man to look more attractive and macho. From all the available varieties of shirts, flannel shirt isone of those designs to build a hunky look of a man. It the fashion world often it is pronounced as plaid shirt. The best part is you have all your liberty to wear it in your way. Of coursecourse you have always liberty about wearing anything but wearing a mens flannel shirt in any of your chosen way will never make you feel as a victim, instead it will make you smarter and extrovert.

A handsome pair can be done by wearing it with jeans or colored cotton pants. Just try to choose alternate color density, i.e. a soft colored mens flannel shirt can be paired with dark pants or jeans, and aa dark colored plaid shirt can be paired with soft colored jeans or khaki. You can wear it buttoned-up or can leave it unbuttoned. If you are layering it with a round neck t shirt, then left it unbuttoned for a perfect casual look. A half folded wrist will also add good value to your casual look. You can also layer it with sweat shirt or hoodies. Wearing a flannel shirt over a hoodie, keeps your look trendy, so do the layering of hoodies over the shirt. Some funky wrist jewelries will also polish your dude look.

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