Motoring dress or the Car coat

Motoring-related clothing from the 1920s
Clothing for motor car drivers

Car coat or the motoring dress as it was called emerged in s when driving was considered a an outdoor sport. In those times most of the cars had an open top and therefore the drivers required some protective clothing. However overthe time, car coat got their own makeovers and was mostly in the form of sheepskin in s.

The car coat consist of an A line cut and has got large cuffs so that a driverdriver gets enough space for hand movements. They make a very simple style statement when you wear them since they aren t much complicated and consists of simple designs. It is a coat that is meant for your everyday adventures.

Car coat got a huge fan following in s when they started making their appearance in ramp shows. They were largely made of sheep skin or fur or camel leather. The car coat is designed inin such a way so that the pocket of the coat falls on your knees. By enabling this, a driver gets and easy access to important articles while being seated in the car. In s the car coat became a style statement for men. In the middle of the s the car coat was popularized in nylon and labeled as a washable clothing. You can make a classy statement through a brown colored car coat or you can add that glam quotient through a black colored car coat.

So drive and make a classy statement

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