Platform Shoes – Let Your Feet do the Talking!

Salma Blush Kid Suede Leather Lace-Up Platform Heels
Let your feet do the talking in the Tony Bianco Salma Blush Kid Suede Leather Lace Up Platform Heels! These sexy heels are shaped from luxe,

Standing taller, beyond the time

The word platform has its origin in the French word Plateau which gives an obvious logic to Platform Shoes, as in shoes, boots and/or sandals with thick soles. Such shoes have a usual height of to cm. or more andthe thick soles are uniformly attached to the entire shape of the shoe that its evenness would make the person wearing them look taller. Platform shoes have been known to many cultures since Ancient times. The ancient Greeks used toto wear Patterns and ancient Romans wore the thick soled Buskins. In those days, the platform shoes were worn by many, from Greek Theatre s tragic heroes to courtesans, High profile Romans to Pharaohs of Egypt.

Popularity Quotient

If we talk in terms of popularity, there were numerous designs and styles of such shoes with soles made of wood, cork or synthetic materials that were popular among both genders in U.K., U.S.A. and other countries across Europe during thethe s and s. However, the best extent of popularity of these shoes was seen during the late s until s. Ms. Vivienne Westwood, a designer from U.K. is credited for re-introducing the high-heeled and thick soled Platform shoes back in high fashions, early in the s. However it was Spice Girls women band members who displayed the lavishness of such shoes while they performed that sky-rocketed the -inches platforms popularity to new highs.

A celebrated Celebrity

It is worth mentioning that besides Spice Girls, celebrities like Sir Elton John, Lady Gaga and Carmen Miranda have a large collection of some exotically designed platform shoes. Today, the platform shoes. Do you remember MJ s Tilt in one of his most popular song videos A gravity-defying shoe accessory designed on the same principles as platform shoes was made to fit in the rear portion of his feet, which made him tilt amazing towards the ground

To sum it all up, Platform Shoes spell style amp elegance and hence are here to stay

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