Smart and stylish Black Women Short Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Black Women

It is obviously not a secret how trendy African American women look in a short hairdo. Keeping a short hair length gives you a wide range of possible style, colour and texture options you can apply to your head, which quite clearlythose with long hair cannot enjoy.

The texture of African American women s hair is a little different, by default. It s thick and curly, which can be a little difficult to maintain in a longlong fashion. For those with wavy or straight hair, it s comparatively easier. Your face structure is also a major factor to decide whether or not you should keep short hair. If you have an oval or round face, it will be very suitable for you to try out a short hair style like a pixie cut, with shorter side trusses, that will really go well with your face. On the contrary, if you have cheekbones, you should really notnot go with short hair options instead, a nice bulk by your face would give you a better look.

There are so many options to choose from: a really short pixie cut a simple bob cut nowadays crochet braids are in if you have a thin face, and still want to go with short hair, perhaps the best option for you will be arched bangs another style that is in for the day is using spirals, highlighted with a suitable colour you can also go with short, managed waves Mohawk or a faux hawk, or there s always the classic vintage pixie.

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