Styling with Eva Longoria hairstyles

Eva Longoria Hairstyles: Fluffy Long Wavy Haircut

Well we all love Eva Longoria, do we not Winner of several awards for her perfectly played role in Desperate Housewives. She also starred in movies like The Sentinel and Harsh Times in which she did a fabulous job in bringing charactersto life. There is one more reason why she is so famous and sought after her trendy and ever perfect hair styles. She modified her hair styles from time to time, nailing each look to perfection. Let us have aa look at some of the most trendy and famous ones.

She often flawlessly sports top tier tresses for a formal look just an elegant knot on the top carried with grace. Once she was spotted with a light loose bun, where she just modified the strands a little bit to suit her red dress. Then she let her hair fall straight with a side fringe and slight waves, which, with her tube dress, gave herher an altogether flirty look. Then once she went with the classic layered hair style, with a medium length falling on shoulders. Then she, in a photo shoot, sported glossy twists on dark, long hair. The hair had tailored layers in length. Another elegant and classic style we saw her wear was a bob with slight waves and side parting curl fringe.

There are numerous other hair styles that she pulled off, like tight tower curls, wavy flair, the side bun, glamorous flip out waves, volume layers and a lot many more.

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