Types of Button Down Shirts for men

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Stop being the boring you and turn yourself into a classy elegant guy that you want to be and also the guy of every girl s dream. Here are a few ways to style yourself everyday with the Button Down Shirts.

  1. Button Down T-shirt

It s a hot summery day and you want to visit the beach with your friends, confused about what to wear Go for the Button Down T-shirt. The first two buttons could be kept open and its very light toto wear so you will obviously not feel very hot. You could pair it with shorts and a pair of vans will complete the summery look of it.

  1. Dress Shirts

Want to look presentable, handsome and professional Then go for the dress shirts that will look absolutely classy on you and will leave everyone with their jaws on the floor, it will bring out your personality and add a pinch of confidence in you. PairPair it with chinos/work pants and of course shoes.

  1. Casual Button Down Shirts

These are available in two styles:

  1. Full sleeves
  2. Half sleeves

Full sleeves can also be worn on a casual day with normal jeans and vans, leaving the buttons open and wearing a t-shirt underneath and also can be worn on a lazy working day.

Half sleeves is a very summery look, it could be worn as a jacket over a sleeveless t-shirt, shorts and a pair of van. Its really comfortable and light to wear.

These Button Down Shirts can be styled just the way you like it. It can make you look class or swaggy either way you get the girls. So funk yourself up with the Button Down Shirts.

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