Unique Choppy Hairstyles for Women

15 ideas for short choppy haircuts. Solutions for short hair. Popular female u2026

It is almost no secret now a days that women are freely adopting short hair, and this would not be an exaggeration if it is said that it is more likely that you would spot a woman with short hair than aman with long hair. This just shows how fearlessly women are defying stereotypes in this male dominated society. There are a lot of permutations and combinations possible between style and colours to pick the one or multiple ones that wouldwould suit your body type and face cut. Here s a few of them to begin with.

Choppy hair styles include countless variations and innovations over a few basic cuts: bob cut, pixie cut, or a Mohawk. You could combine these, add your own innovative idea, a fringe here, and a swirl there there s so much to choose from. You can go with an extended side swept pixie with one bang on a side thisthis style is preferably best suited if you colour your hair, say, pomegranate, or blonde, or blue. You can also try a side and back chopped pixie with two sleek fringes hanging from either side, this will give you a cute, adorable look. Or, you can go with a loose and curled out pixie, highlighting the tips, which gives you an essential chic look.

There s so much to choose from when it comes to chopped hairstyles, and if nothing suits your mind, you can always go for a classic bob or a Mohawk.

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