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Different styles of Racerback Bras

Racerback bras are one trending as they have become one of the most popular among bra styles for girls. Starting in the center of the back, they have a unique strap that slips over the shoulders. They prove to be an excellent choice for cozy and warm months. All those girls who hate their bra straps peeking out of the tops, will find this as a perfect solution to the problem. They work  best when you want to go in for sleeveless tops and other specific dresses. Racerback bras are not just practical, but comfortable too. They come if different types- some wider at the back and some with thin straps. Let us check out 10 different styles.

  1. Lace racerback

In addition to being a supportive bra, it is also very pretty. Its cups are of contour style and it has hidden tab that closes it in front. It comes in a range of sizes and different colors, so you may find your perfect one too.                                          

  1. Supportive strap at the back

This is a great style as it has a designer strap at the back, which not only provides support but also looks good. It is designed to ensure that it firmly stays in the place. The best part is that it is available in pretty large cup sizes too. It will make you move comfortably and you will end up loving this style for sure.

  1. Sporty racerback

This is one of the best options for petites. This is a typical racerback with a front that flatters petite figures as it is cut low and gives a perfect fit.

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