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How to choose the right Sports Bras?

When you think of cycling or the gym, the first thought that haunts us is how to manage the breasts from bumping during exercise. Having the right support for the breasts is a must during workouts. Lack of support will not just lead to discomfort, but many other problems such as tissue damage, back pain and finally resulting in stretch marks. A wrong fit may also lead to scarring, headaches and improper posture. Do not think that if you have small breasts, then you don’t need bras. You may be surprised to know that even the smallest sizes are subject to severe damage to the connective tissues when not  properly supported. Let us help you choose the right sports bras.

  1. Bra Requirement

What are the features that you will be looking onto when you shop for  sports bras?

You should not just hunt for a bra with designs and style, but also look for the one that is a perfect fit. While choosing bras, always prefer the ones which have breathable material and are lightweight. Most of the times these are the major factors that lead to discomfort.

  1. Regular Replacement

According to the recent studies, women must keep a regular check on their size as it changes too often. Change your bra as your size changes just as you change your sports shoes after running 600 km.

  1. Look for the right fit

All you need is a perfect fit that is equally comfortable. If you have a larger cup size then consider bra that is offered in cup size. Girls with a C cup or any larger size should prefer a high impact bra as it will provide support and allow easy movement. Make sure that your bra is not too low cut.

Choose the bra that passes these easy tests and that ill be the right one for you.

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