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Quick and Simple Ciara Hairstyles

Ciara is no stranger, is she now? We all love this “Goodies” girl with her wonderful voice and pretty looks. She never ceases to amaze us, she is so trendy with hair – varying her hair style from time to time and yet rocking every one of them like it was made for her. Let us look at some of the hair styles she stunned us with:

In 2014 she carried a bob, very gracefully applying suitable variations to it as per it’s length, like – center parted, angular bob where she cut short her hair and side parted to give an angular look, a Mohawk bob, then there was the black side – swept cute pixie which looked exceedingly elegant on her. Another one was a simple side parted medium length with curled sides. When the hair grew, she turned the curls into waves and there goes another long – hair masterpiece. Then she goes further to give her hair heavier curls and colours them brown with blonde highlights. Then she turns to long black curls with side bangs, which is absolutely ravenous and sheer sexy as it goes so well with her sleek face cut. After this, she goes with a retro curl side – swept style, which is just as glamorous as any other. She also has carried few other funky styles with absolute authority, like the long pony tail, cornrow pony tail, a knot bun and of course, the classic straight hair gorgeous.

Why, isn’t it the time to go try some of these?

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