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Shirt Design – Screen and Digital Printing

Different techniques are accustomed print your shirt design onto your T-shirt, and unsurprisingly, they manufacture, whole completely different results. Throughout this text, we’ve got an inclination to look at screen printing and digital T-shirt printing, and additionally the professionals and cons of each one, to help you opt on the foremost effective due to manufacturing your dream T-shirt.

Screen printing for T-shirts

You’ll have tried a simple version of screen printing throughout that a template for each color of your vogue creates the areas where the ink is ironed  onto the fabric. A similar principle applies to expert T-shirt screen printing, tho’ there is a ton of automation of the actual printing once the set-up has been completed.

Digital printing

This method involves the appliance of textile water-based inks to the T-shirt using a specialized digital printer. The design is usually mounted onto the garment with a heat press.

Choosing the foremost effective T-shirt printing technique

When considering that technique to choose for a T-shirt run, many people raise that has the foremost effective quality finish. In fact, the foremost effective technique depends on the T-shirt vogue you would like to print, as some are higher suited to each technique. It puts together depends on the colors you are printing and additionally the color of very cheap garment too.

shirt design – screen printing

Bold designs with thick lines and few colors are best suited to screen printing, producing really high-quality results. If you are using a digital image with a fine color mix or black and white shading in your T-shirt vogue, screen printing will simply not be able to reproduce the image well.

Of course, various factors will influence the value of your T-shirt run, just like the quantity being created, notably as screen printing can involve plenty of fitting before printing can begin. The number of colors at intervals the fashion put together affects the value as a singular screen is required for each color.

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