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Trendy Head Bands for Women

Head bands are very functional and interesting hair accessory for women. However, differentiating between a sophisticated and womanly head band to a girlish head band, often, becomes difficult task. As casual as head bands might be, they can also add sophistication and elegance to your outfit. Head bands for women come in various styles. To get seemingly effortless attention, here are some of the tips you can use while selecting sophisticated head bands for women.

  • Opt for thicker bands as they look more decorative.
  • Refrain from buying novelty head bands like bands with reindeer antlers or rabbit ears.
  • Leather head bands are best suited for professional events.
  • Play with colourful and flowery crochet head bands to get a feminine look.
  • Choose a head band made up of some comfortable fabric. Head bands made from glossy materials give a sophisticated look.
  • Plastic head bands can be used to experiment with classy shapes and designs.
  • To get a more business like look, choose pale or neutral colours and avoid dark colours or loud prints in a band.

Embellishments can be used to personalize the head band. A little detailing looks good, however too much detailing may have a reverse effect. Tying a fabric beneath your hair and letting it hang loose as a bow, creates a sense of forwardness and style. Women can even carefully place a bow, look for dark feathers that curve along the band, or a small crystalline brooch placed of the side of the band to get a little extra glam.

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