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Why a sport bra?

Most of us think that any bra will work when we go in for any sport or gym or cycling. But this is the biggest mistake we can ever make. Sport bra is made for such purposes. Girls with smaller breast size would feel that they don’t need to buy this one specially as they can manage with any, but this is where they are wrong. You must know the reason as to why you should use a sport bra. Let us tell you why.

  1. Reduce the chances of a breast injury

You might have never thought of a breast injury right? But it is the reality. A wearing a non supportive bra during a workout can lead to a breast injury. The tissues of your breast are subject to severe damage if you do not provide them the proper support. The end result of such injuries is stretch marks, something which no girl wants. And this is a real problem that can happen to girls of all sizes.

  1. Proper support

Absence of proper support can also lead to back pain. This is the reason why it is important to provide proper support at the right places. Look for a bra that is not just a perfect fit, but also provide much needed support at the right places. Also make sure that your breasts are supported properly and they are not drooping.

  1. Say Bye to Body acne

Workout results in sweat and that gives red dots aka pimples on your body especially the breasts. The reason behind that is the material of your sport bra as it may not be made of breathable material leading to blockage of pores. It’s all about the correct fabric for your body and you will find that only in a sport bra.

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